How it Works

With Warden you can easily separate your game logic from UI and push it to Cloud. Any logic calls will execute locally and remotely simulaneously, so nobody can hack your game, and your data will be always safe. Even in case of hackers, they can hack only local copy if player's game data. Server will always keep valid copy. It won't affect other players in any case.

Separate your game logic

Just remove any dependencies in your game logic from Unity, make one method per one action like AddItem(), GetLoot(), etc.

Push it to the Warden

Warden client can build and upload your assembly. You can get any analytics and player data from our dashboard

Configure game

Configure your game to call any logic methods throught Warden client. Choose your operation mode: local calls, remote calls or synchornization.


Warden Features

We do our best effort, to make your integration simple as possible

  • You can store and edit your game balance files in our CDN, keeping your players loading time minimal
  • Edit your players save in two clicks. Provide access to your support team.
  • Manage game updates seamless and force players to use new versions of your games
  • Analyze players behaviours, and make points to improve your game
  • Get rid of any cheaters, no one except you can change your game's code
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Affordable Price

You pay only for resources used by your server instances, check out our subscription plans.
If you don't like plans below you can customize your own plan.
Please note prices are subject to change


  • 1 Assembly
  • 1 instance (per assembly)
  • 256 MiB memory (per instance)
  • Shared CPU (per instance)


  • 2 Assembly
  • 3 instances (per assembly)
  • 512 MiB memory (per instance)
  • 1 CPU (per instance)


  • 4 Assembly
  • 10 instances (per assembly)
  • 512 MiB memory (per instance)
  • 1 CPU (per instance)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it suitable only for Unity ?
At the moment yes, warden is very engine dependent, to use maximum of engine integrations.
So with Warden can we execute any game code on the server ?
Warden has some restrictions, for example you can not access Reflection, Sockets and Filesystem, but we provide adapters to cloud storage
What platforms does Warden support ?
At the moment we tested it on Windows, MacOs, iOS, Android, but in-app purchases works only on iOS & Android
Can players interact with each other ?
Yes, you can operate player's public profiles to build leaderboards, or any public accessible data, and use guilds system
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